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OSTC's running hwOS 
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boot 2016 939  heinrichsweikamp  02/01/2016 01:59PM 
Last Post by heinrichsweikamp
Bluetooth - OSTC2 offline 618  Rolf W.  02/01/2016 12:43PM 
Last Post by heinrichsweikamp
Change-request: Alternative compass indication 996  11  maesschp  01/25/2016 08:09PM 
Last Post by sharpw
Feature Request/Suggestion: Changeable Timezone 597  Duglum  01/22/2016 04:36PM 
Last Post by TnT
Kalibrierung Temperatur OSTC2 713  Longli  01/22/2016 03:24PM 
Last Post by glance
Change Request: Aktivierung Bluetooth-Verbindung 538  fyb  01/21/2016 10:50AM 
Last Post by heinrichsweikamp
OSTC Sport "frisst" Batterien 648  g.klose  01/18/2016 09:41PM 
Last Post by Olli
OSTC3 nach Verbindungsfehler wieder auf Standardeinstellungen 567  10  rko  01/16/2016 12:14PM 
Last Post by neomimarc
Companion 521  kontiki  01/13/2016 05:55PM 
Last Post by kontiki
Funktionswunsch: Live-Bailout Berechnung bei CCR-TG 541  duese  01/11/2016 12:13PM 
Last Post by heinrichsweikamp
hwOS for OSTC3, cR and OSTC 2: 1.93 released 964  heinrichsweikamp  01/11/2016 11:41AM 
Last Post by heinrichsweikamp
OSTC Sport: New Firmware 10.22 1,245  heinrichsweikamp  01/11/2016 11:36AM 
Last Post by heinrichsweikamp
OSTC3 Dead after battery change 575  scowley  01/05/2016 08:09PM 
Last Post by heinrichsweikamp
OSTC2 mit BT 2.0 auf WIN7 471  Edgar.Reiser  01/04/2016 08:40PM 
Last Post by Edgar.Reiser
OSTC 2 software freeze during dive 491  Mark Rowe  12/25/2015 07:12PM 
Last Post by heinrichsweikamp
Update 10.22 und Subsurface 798  pb1969  12/17/2015 12:49AM 
Last Post by TnT
hwOS for OSTC3, cR and OSTC 2: 1.94 beta 738  heinrichsweikamp  12/14/2015 05:41PM 
Last Post by Longli
OSTC3 oxygen analyzer 626  Gio  12/12/2015 10:09PM 
Last Post by Gio
Portierung C18 -> XC8 581  SirNoahFell  12/08/2015 01:02PM 
Last Post by SirNoahFell
Dive Log for iOS 730  heinrichsweikamp  12/04/2015 11:35AM 
Last Post by heinrichsweikamp
OSTC 2 Custum Funktion 717  Gunter  12/03/2015 07:46PM 
Last Post by heinrichsweikamp
Suggestion for future firmware 713  Tingsten  11/30/2015 12:42AM 
Last Post by Tingsten
Connect OSTC Sport with a Mac 682  jp01000  11/27/2015 10:49AM 
Last Post by heinrichsweikamp
setup MPLAB X IDE 1,059  SirNoahFell  11/25/2015 11:00AM 
Last Post by heinrichsweikamp
OSTC Sport, Firmware 10.19 Bluetooth Probleme 732  bnies  11/24/2015 11:42AM 
Last Post by bnies
Setpoint OSTC2 562  tomi  11/23/2015 04:57PM 
Last Post by heinrichsweikamp
Kompasskurs und Stoppuhr speichern 849  God-of-Games  11/23/2015 12:18PM 
Last Post by heinrichsweikamp
Divemate für iOS 1,397  16  heinrichsweikamp  11/22/2015 01:41PM 
Last Post by pb1969
Kompasskurs und Stoppuhr loggen 652  God-of-Games  11/20/2015 03:32AM 
Last Post by God-of-Games
OSTC3 FW V1.92 Logbook Download fails 607  BerndE  11/17/2015 11:26PM 
Last Post by BerndE
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