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Some translation help needed for Italian Firmware
Posted by: heinrichsweikamp ()
Date: February 12, 2018 02:52PM


We're currently working on the new release and I'd like to add the support for Italian language to the OSTC4.

Maybe someone can help with real-world translations? Please edit the C file attached. It's easy to understand:

static uint8_t text_EN_Depth[] = "Depth";
static uint8_t text_DE_Depth[] = "Tiefe";
static uint8_t text_FR_Depth[] = "Profondeur";
static uint8_t text_IT_Depth[] = "";
static uint8_t text_ES_Depth[] = "";

-> Missing translation for IT and ES.

Since we have a lot more Italian users then Spanish ones, I think Italian is the priority here but if someone adds Spanish texts, that's would be also very nice.

BTW, OSTC4 code is going to be fully open-source very soon as well. We just need to tidy it up a bit...

Thanks in advance,

Attachments: text_multilanguage.c (92.4 KB)  
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