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OSTC3 - Impossibility to upgrade under Windows
Posted by: ClaudeDive ()
Date: December 14, 2013 01:47AM

Hello everyone,
- For more than 3 months I have tried much with different settings to upgrade my OSTC3 on 3 computers under Windows7 and 1 computer under XP Pro,
- It was always impossible to obtain work with the Companion.exe software to upgrade on anyone of these computers,
- I work normally on 2 new computers Windows7 - 64 bits which work normally under USB connection with my cameras, hard-drive, mobile phones, printer…
- I uploaded the software > [ostc-planner.net]
- I used self-install or installed manually the driver > [www.ftdichip.com]
- I tested USB cable which is OK and my computers gives the informations :
USB serial converter "this device work normally"
USB serial port "this device work normally"
- In the device manager, I upgrade USB properties with 115200 Bits / Second,
- On software Companion I have hand only on the buttons “Next” -
" Reconnect” - "Close" and "Quit"
- But I don't have hand on the buttons "Set Date & Time" - "Set Name" - "Set Icom ..." and "Upgrade Firmware ..."
- Nothing functions on the button “Next” and after many click on “Reconnect” I obtain display “PORT NOT OPEN”
- On my OSTC3 The screen display is not stable: it work to >> USB Mode > Beginning… ok. >> and : USB mode >> Beginning… ok. Finished >> and : return to the first page “HW OSTC3” >> and : return to USB Mode >> Beginning… ok > etc …
- I attached three screen display Windows and OSTC3,
- Many time I uninstall and I install OSTC software and driver and I reboot my computer but no possible work with my OSTC3

ClaudeDive ><)))))°> OSTC3 #2430 <°(((((><

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Attachments: 1 Screen Display Windows and OSTC3.docx (339.8 KB)   2 Screen Display Windows and OSTC3.docx (407.8 KB)   3 Screen Display Windows and OSTC3.docx (218.1 KB)  
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Re: Impossibility to upgrade my OSTC3 under Windows
Posted by: Rob ()
Date: December 15, 2013 02:00PM

Hi Claude,

it seems that your ftdi driver is not working properly.

I have written a small program that checks if a new device (OSTC) is recognized.
if you like, give it a try.

Best regards

Home: [www.angermayr.eu]
email: ostctools@angermayr.eu
Home of OSTC Tools: [ostctools.angermayr.eu]
HWOSConfig for Android: [play.google.com]

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Re: Impossibility to upgrade my OSTC3 under Windows
Posted by: ClaudeDive ()
Date: December 15, 2013 08:28PM

Hi Rob,
- Thank you very much for your assistance, and your small program which had a great result on my two computers, it took me less than one minute to solve a search for 3 months, with this cursed driver that I uploaded Xth time without managing to work properly my OSTC3,
- With your program I upgraded my OSTC3 on my two computers quickly and without any problem,
- I don't understand that this official driver in auto upload or manual upload doesn't function without assistance of your program, it isn't normal !!!
- I think that your program should be in upload with the Companion.exe software on website HW, that would have been simpler for me and certainly for much others users and that would have avoided me unnecessarily losing days and hours of research,
- Still thank you very much for your help,

Have a nice week, best regards.

ClaudeDive ><)))))°> OSTC3 #2430 <°(((((><

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Re: OSTC3 - Impossibility to upgrade under Windows
Posted by: ClaudeDive ()
Date: February 16, 2014 12:49AM

Before the update v1.20, I had still much difficulties, idem above, to update my OSTC3 with my PC under Windows7 whereas it worked very well since the use of the Rob's program above,
Perhaps still a problem of pilot but I don't have always find the origin of this problem which isn't new,
Besides the use of Rob's program, THANKS Rob, I solved the problem by using the function reboot, this information could interest for other user,
Matthias, it's a solution, but in any case I think that there is perhaps a problem hidden between Driver-Companion-OSTC3,
THANKS Matthias for the update v1.20.

ClaudeDive ><)))))°> OSTC3 #2430 <°(((((><

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