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OSTC3 - Improvement Low battery signal
Posted by: ClaudeDive ()
Date: January 04, 2014 02:53AM

- I use for my OSTC3 a battery 3.6V Saft LS14500 - 2600mah.
- With this battery I have an autonomy from 30 to 35 one hour dives with decrease approximately 3% for each one hour diving, display is in eco mode, water temperature 15°C.
- an improvement of autonomy would be very appreciable with an autonomy from approximately 50 dives one hour,
- The warning signal (triangle) for low battery is displayed permanently during diving when the battery level is to 25%, this signal is visually disturbing and does not seem to me adapted for low battery,
- The problem it is that nothing shows that this warning signal is related to the low battery and can worry the diver during the diving on the origin of this alarm which could think to a more serious reason like eg: The decompression,
- Can you improve this warning signal so that the user is on of his origin: Low battery.
ex: a specific signal for low battery or battery voltage value in red, or other…
- it would be good for the user to be able to set the level of the alert low battery between 25% and 15% with minimum of imposed security HW, eg: 15% what corresponds to an autonomy of more than 4 one hour divings.
(on the same idea as one regulates the alert gas pressure on computers with gas management).
- I personally tested several times without problem the use of battery LS14500 until reaching 2% level at the end of a diving (with a backup computer of course!).
- 2% of battery level don't can be a good reference of course but only one personal test.

ClaudeDive ><)))))°> OSTC3 #2430 <°(((((><

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Re: OSTC3 - Improvement Low battery signal
Posted by: ClaudeDive ()
Date: April 07, 2014 01:36AM

Hi Matthias,
Could you improve the signal of the battery with a specific logo like OSTC2, see attached photos, with keeping the voltage information and% battery,
This logo could be present on the 5 screens of surface mode,
The interpretation will visually easier,
With this logo and the presence of the info red text with less than 10% of the battery at the bottom of the screen to dive mode allow us to remove the warning triangle which I think may be confusing the meaning of alert as it isn't obviously related to the battery or replace in this case the warning triangle by battery logo in red,

ClaudeDive ><)))))°> OSTC3 #2430 <°(((((><

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