OSTC3 Battery Cover
Posted by: Yeti42 ()
Date: February 22, 2014 11:24AM

I have just received a new OSTC3 from the main agent in the UK.

On opeing the battery compartment I found a small piece of metal swarf in the battery compartment and a much larger piece hanging from the battery cover.

The thread has been machined on the battery cover and then a groove has been cut at the back of the thread which leaves an increaasingly thin piece of thread which falls off, hence the swarf.

I have cleaned mine up but this leaves only one turn of thread on the cap.

Take a close look at yours next time you change the battery.

Re: OSTC3 Battery Cover
Posted by: ClaudeDive ()
Date: February 24, 2014 02:00AM

I confirm to have on the cover of my battery compartment a small swarf not yet detached from the cover but not very good and kindly on the machining level,
Moreover I don't find very making safe from a mechanical point of view to have only one net of threading of just one turn on the cover for a diameter of approximately 12 mm
The threading of the cover which is an important point for security of the sealing of the OSTC3 will deserve to be improved, and to see to be replaced.

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