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Interfacing standalone HUD
Posted by: Goose_66 ()
Date: August 02, 2014 01:59PM

Hello everybody,

After almost 2 years diving a OSTC2 in OC, I am considering going CCR (pre owned inspiration no HUD) and one possible option to the petrel is installing cell splitter (narked@90) with fisher cable, go into HW standalone HUD and then with optical cable into OSTC3 for display and deco calculation.

Unfortunately there is no HUD manual on HW website and I could not find out if the HW Standalone HUD has a fisher connector.

Anybody has experience in this regard?
Is anybody actively using the HW HUD?
Willing to share mods done to the Reb for getting oxy sensors levels out to the HUD?



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Re: Interfacing standalone HUD
Posted by: heinrichsweikamp ()
Date: August 04, 2014 11:35AM

Hi Fabio,

The HUD manual can be found here: [www.heinrichsweikamp.com]

Also consider our new ppO2 Monitor: [www.heinrichsweikamp.com]


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