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OSTC3: New 1.62beta firmware released
Posted by: heinrichsweikamp ()
Date: November 10, 2014 03:56PM


Today, the new 1.62 beta firmware for the OSTC3 has been released: [www.heinrichsweikamp.com]

This update is targeted at CCR divers since it includes numerous new features for CCR divers:

CHANGE: (Slightly) reduce current consumption in Eco and sleep mode
NEW: Allow auto-return from setpoint fallback
BUGFIX: O2 > 99% was not configurable from the PC
BUGFIX: Quit Apnea mode on the surface manually
BUGFIX: Check min and max values after PC configuration properly
CHANGE: Longer timeout (4 min) for calibration menu and Surface mode (CCR Modes)
NEW: Show Bailout Gas List in Surface mode (CCR Modes)
CHANGE: Faster update rate for sensor display in surface mode

Please install the firmware using the "OSTC Companion" software.

Best regards,

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