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MOD maximum of 99m
Posted by: jlm ()
Date: January 31, 2019 08:20PM

Let say I want to use a bailout OC gas 8/92 and max bottom po2 of 1.2 bar. This gas has a MOD of 140m, but hwOS uses a maximum MOD of 99m. Is there a reason to limit this to 99m? There seems to be room in the UI for 1 extra digit.


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Re: MOD maximum of 99m
Posted by: Ralph ()
Date: February 01, 2019 10:18AM

Hi Jan,

no, there is not a specific reason. It seems to be a left-over from the times were the gas set as first was supposed to be the deepest gas as it had a hard-coded unlimited depth. Will change that in V3.00...


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