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First dive with TR
Posted by: ijdod ()
Date: April 13, 2019 01:10PM

After some struggles to get my TR to actually work with a transmitter, and eventually resulting in having both replaced in November, I was finally able to do a dive today with the TR. This is not my first AI computer, I've owned an Uemis SDA, and have borrowed a Suunto AI before. The TR is my second OSTC, I have the older model OSTC2 as well, my wife dives an OSTC+.

Freshwater dive in the Netherlands, water temperature 9 degrees C. Double 8.5L wide, transmitter connected to downward facing HP port of an Apeks DST reg on the right post. The transmitter is connected to a short (10cm) hose because it doesn't sit flush with either my DS4 or DST. On this hose the transmitter sits on the outside of the tanks. I have a traditional SPG on the other reg/post.

I had some issues getting the transmitter to read after assembling my gear. I suspect a loose contact of the transmitter battery, as the computer started reading pressure after I reseated it. Probably going to fix the battery in place with electrical tape, as I suspect it can move a bit during transport.
Pressure reading worked during most of the dive, but I did get some warnings about the signal being lost. This usually recovered within a minute or so. After I the dive I was surprised to find no pressure data whatsoever in the log.

So, some points an questions, as I may have missed features and settings:

- There was no pressure data in the log. Is this an error or still something under development? (computer runs v3.01 tech)
- I like the air use calculation in SAC.
- I like the lack of 'air time remaining'. Always felt that was misleading.
- I dislike the pressure being on the middle part of the screen, and thus becoming invisible when I switch to, say, the compass. I would really like for the pressure to be always visible.

Generally somewhat happy so far, but given some charging issues (only one of my 3 chargers works with my TR, and that one only poorly) and the issues with the transmitter, I'm not completely sold on the TR yet.

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