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Battery OSTC plus
Posted by: Cheyenix ()
Date: June 03, 2019 07:58PM


Since I changed my battery to a 1,5V AA duracel (non-rechargeable) the internal battery doesn't seem to charge anymore. The charging pad blinks twice a second green, what means that the battery should be full according to your FAQ answers.

However, whether I chose T0 (disposable 1,5V battery) or T2 (internal rechargeble) battery the percentages seem the same.

I used to see during charging that the battery percentage was highlighted in yellow.

What could be the problem?

Kind regards

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Re: Batterty OSTC plus
Posted by: Ralph ()
Date: June 04, 2019 07:16AM

??? There is only one battery in an OSTC - if you insert an AA non-rechargeable, you NEED TO enter the correct battery type und you MUST NOT attempt any recharging - never ever !!!

Batt-Percentage in yellow indicates charging is in progress. If you tell the OSTC it is a rechargeable battery when in fact it is not, and you then do charging, serious things can happen, so once again: don't do such things!

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Re: Battery OSTC plus
Posted by: heinrichsweikamp ()
Date: June 05, 2019 11:01AM

Cheyenix Wrote:
> What could be the problem?

Here are some details: [www.facebook.com]

Current firmwares do not allow to choose this kind of battery in the OSTC plus. 1,5V batteries, even if selected, are not being charged from the internal charger but you create waste heat in the OSTC and should be avoided anyway.


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