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6 months ago
Ablauf: OSTC Sport, Serial 10393, FW 10.45, Batterieanzeige 27% Upgrade der FW 10.45 -> 10.52 Batteriewechsel auf neue Saft-Batterie kein Menü "New Battery", nur Anzeige "Heinrichs Weikamp", links rote LED leuchtet dann Bildschirm dunkel kein Start des Computers über Tasten möglich nach einigen Minuten ist Computer doch hochgelaufen Anzeige Batt: 0% In FW 10.52
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6 years ago
Here some experience with my new frog. I've made ~50 dives with it. During one dive the Frog switched off at a charging level of 25% of the LS14500 3.6V Saft-Battery. I have not noticed a battery alarm before. A battery replacement at a charging level of 30% seems to be reasonable in the future. Unfortunately no 3.6V batteries were available on holiday, so I inserted 1.5V Alkaline bat
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