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by ricardo666
Tuesday 16. July 2019, 19:27
Forum: OSTC 4
Topic: OSTC 4 going mad
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OSTC 4 going mad

My OSTC 4 is acting really weird, First: it does not show whether the battery is charged or not. Second: keeps rebooting while trying to charge it (with brand new battery), it does not do that with the older battery, only show that is not charged (but I don't know that really) Third: the date keep s...
by ricardo666
Sunday 12. August 2018, 19:09
Forum: OSTC 4
Topic: Problems right button
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Re: Problems right button

Hi, I have the same issue with my OSTC 4, no access to the menu at all, my problem now is that the dealer is not in the US where I live so now I'm stocked with an expensive piece of equipment that doesn't work. Can I directly send it back to Germany to have it fixed??? This would be a good diving co...