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Has anyone changed the salinity settings on the computer when switching from fresh water to salt water?
What settings do you use for Med, Atlantic, and Red Sea?
Here in the Baltic the water is almost sweet so I keep it at 1.00kg/l
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Re: Salinity

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The salinity setting just does a little correction of the indicated depth, but has no influence on any of the deco calculations as these are purely based on pressure. For the depth correection actually not the salinity itself is the key factor, but the density (weight) of the water, which is also influenced by the water temperature. Taking into account the rounding, the following settings will do the job:

0% for lakes & eastern baltic sea
1% for the western baltic sea (German & Danish waters)
2% most of the rest of the world (2% salinity @ 0°C ... 3% @ 30°C)
3% for the eastern end of the mediterranean and the northern part of the red sea
4% for hotel pools that havn't had their water changed during the whole season...
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