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different deko calculations between OSTC2n und subsurface

Posted: Saturday 29. February 2020, 07:57
by klappstuhl
hello everybody,

i get significantly different deco times and levels between my OSTC2N and subsurface.

I have made a dive. In my OSTC2n the gradient factors gf low: 20 and gf high: 80 were set. The model was L16-GF OC.
Then I loaded the dive into the planner of subsurface. Again I set the gradient factors 20/80 and the model was "B├╝hlmann". The deco calculated by Subsurface differs significantly from the deco calculated by the dive computer.

See attached the profile and screenshot from Subsurface. In the screenshoot the red deco calculation is from the computer, the green one from Subsurface.
In the profiles there are more deco operations, where everywhere the deco calculation differs between computer and subsurface.

What could be the cause?