Depth differences

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Depth differences

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I had a OSTC 2N that i have replaced by a new OSTC 2 hwOS tech.
I dive with 2 computers (backup/security). My second is a simple old Uwatec Aladin Pro Ultra.

I did my first dives with the OSTC 2 a couple of 10 days ago and did 9 dives (all between 30 and 60 m). The dept differences goes from 1 m up to almost 3 meters at 60m. (read OSTC 2 gives a less deep indication).
Find below 4 dives, first ostc depth and then Aladin depth :
- 28,7 / 30,0
- 45,2 / 47,4
- 51,6 / 53,9
- 53,6 / 56,2

As a result, decompression stops (that were in the past very similar between OSTC 2N and Aladin) are now very different (same settings between my 2N and my new 2). On my last dive (60 m), the TTS difference was about 9 min on a 24 min Total TTS !

Salinity is set to 0% (as Aladin is by default on fresh water).

Any explanation ?

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