Transmitter failed - dead?

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Transmitter failed - dead?

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OSTC 2TR Tech 3.05

When 3.04b is out I decided to see if the Transmitter was working (It's not worked at all for months - well TBH it's never worked under water)

No luck, but I found the battery was dead so I replaced it.

It then 'worked' for about a week (without diving). The little red LED was flashing but I was getting some very odd thing on the display, so nothing that could use be relied on.

I got a long list of sensors that I don't have and some daft pressures.
(I can send a picture)

I left it until release came out, assuming the beta had issues.

I tried it again today (3.05) and it's completely dead. No flashing light, even with another new battery not even daft display values.

I can only assume it's finally completely broken and was on it's way out a week ago when it was displaying rubbish.

What next?

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