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Problem changing battery in the middle of dive series

Posted: Wednesday 2. December 2020, 13:16
by dimab
Hi guys.
I have a weird problem every time I change the battery in my Sport DC: if it happens to be in the middle of a multi-day dive vacation, and the remaining number of dives (after the battery replacement) is not enough to completely fill up the first page of the logbook screen, the second (and all the others) page of the logbook is inaccessible. All I can see on the first page are the dives I did on the new battery with empty lines after them, and if I choose the "Next Page" on the menu, I'm getting the same first page again and again. Moreover, if I'm trying to download my last dives with Subsurface, I'm getting only the last few dives I did with the new battery - as if the previous dives didn't happen at all.
The problem is not specific to the newest SW version, but started to happen a few versions ago.