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New Firmware 10.70

Posted: Wednesday 9. June 2021, 23:17
by MattDiver
Good evening all,

Are any other users still experiencing difficulty in downloading 10.70. Am using OSTConf on IPhone (to update an OSTC sport). OSTConf indicates download successful and computer reboots, but still shows 10.68 release as other users have reported. Note: computer is approx 4 months old so is the first time I have tried to update firmware.

Kind regards


Re: New Firmware 10.70

Posted: Thursday 10. June 2021, 21:26
by jb2cool
I updated an OSTC Plus from 10.68 to 10.70 either yesterday or the day before. I used an iPhone and OSTConf

Re: New Firmware 10.70

Posted: Monday 14. June 2021, 20:47
by heinrichsweikamp
This topic has been posted several times already, here is the solution: viewtopic.php?p=23189#p23189


Re: New Firmware 10.70

Posted: Wednesday 23. June 2021, 23:10
by MattDiver
Good evening Matthias, thank you, updated to 10.70 via OSTC helper as advised.

Kind regards