hwOS4: New Firmware 1.5.2 beta with RTE 2.02

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hwOS4: New Firmware 1.5.2 beta with RTE 2.02

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Hi everyone,

Attached to this post is a new firmware, that mainly fixes some reported issues. You should also be able to download the corrupted dives with this version again. Some depth samples will be lost for these dives and are not restore-able. Due to the very spurious nature of the logging issue we'd welcome some reports of this new firmware before we publish it as a "stable" version. This version does show "beta" in the mainscreen, although there were no changes made to critical parts like the deco schedule computations or general stability.

[1.5.2] with RTE 2.02
Beta Version!
FIX: display of time of minimum voltage
FIX: Display of Sensor values. At divestart sensor values were shown even sensors were deactivated (fix SP)
FIX: Bugfix invalid voltage / temperature after coldstart
FIX: Instant dive start at several meters out of sleep mode (Jumping into the water) may resulted in lagged/freeze depth reading
CHG: Speed increase of Bluetooth communications
CHG: Look and Feel for Gauge/Apnea mode with flipped screen improved
FIX: Deco warning after Gauge/Apnea mode
FIX: Download issues of corrupted dives
FIX: Proper logbook write (Very spurious error, mainly in CCR mode)

This version (Since it's not in the release channel for the mobile Apps) must be installed with the OSTC Companion: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=19186

The firmware archive is attached to this post.

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