OSTC 2 doesn't turn on

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OSTC 2 doesn't turn on

Post by alegabri90 »

I bought an OSTC 2 few months ago. I usued it for some months when it turned off during a dive. That time I tried to charge it but the OSTC didn't turn on and didn't charge. After some days, I tried again to charge it and it turned on asking if I had changed the battery and I had charged completely the battery. Yesterday, during a dive, the computer started to tell me that the battery was low at 17% and after few minutes it turned off. I put the computer on the charger but again it didn't turn on. I decided to charge anyway for all the night the OSTC since the charger had the green light that blink every second an the manual says that in this case it charges the computer. Today, the OSTC continue to not turn on and, if I put it on the charging pad, the charger led stop completely to bink. It start to blink every second if I move the charger on the bottom of the computer and not on the circle where I believe the charger need to stay. In any case, the OSTC doesn't turn on again.
This problem is annoying and I have never had any problems with my OSTC 2N with hundreds of dives. Is the new OSTC 2 worse than the old one? Anyone could help me?
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Re: OSTC 2 doesn't turn on

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I'm having the same issue. FAQ says to put a strong magnet in the center of the glass while on charging pad. But that didn't help. Maybe my magnet is not strong enough.
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Re: OSTC 2 doesn't turn on

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To be honest I think there is a problem with the latest firmware. Mine has utterly stopped working since I updated it.
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Re: OSTC 2 doesn't turn on

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I've made about 40 dives with my OSTC 2 (S/N 18835) under release 3.18, never had a single problem...

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Re: OSTC 2 doesn't turn on

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Having the same issue,, turned off mid dive now a blank screen. Less than 10.dives on it as a replacement for another that died. Losing faith in ostc's have had the Cr that has been back and forth for repairs, a ostc3 same and now this one. Only unit that I had no issues with was a 2n, wish I'd kept that one note
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