Buttons do not work when disconnected from USB

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Buttons do not work when disconnected from USB

Post by subaqua.steve »

I have not used my OSTC 2n for a few of years.
I upgraded from 3.13 to 3.16

I assume there is a battery issue, as the buttons work when usb powered, but the buttons so not work when i remove the USB cable.

The min battery registered at 3.255v when i first turned it on, so i'm assuming the battery protect works. I've had the unit charging for 24h hours
and the buttons still do not work without the cable attached.

I held a magnet to the back of the unit for about 10 seconds, as i understood this reset the battery protection. the screen went white and the unit rebooted. This has not resolved the issue with the buttons. The lowest battery voltage is now 4.2v

Any ideas?

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Re: Buttons do not work when disconnected from USB

Post by heinrichsweikamp »

Buttons need replacement at our place. It is a complicated and time-consuming repair and therefore costs 139,70€ (as of 07/2024). If the unit is still in good condition this might be worth the repair but considering the age of the unit (The last 2N were sold in 2013) an upgrade to a newer unit is the better option. Contact us directly: info@heinrichsweikamp.com
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