Batterie size issue

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Batterie size issue

Post by julianp » Friday 24. July 2020, 16:54

Hello, I recently bought some rechargeable batteries from the HW online shop to use in my OSTC plus.

It seems that these are ~1mm longer than regular AA batteries and therefore can’t fit completely in the battery compartement of the OSTC plus. The battery compartement screw cap does not seem to close completely. Am I missing something here or is HW selling incompatible accumulators from its website ??



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Re: Batterie size issue

Post by heinrichsweikamp » Friday 24. July 2020, 19:19


The new battery is slightly longer, yes. But it has 1000mAh instead of the 840mAh which is much better then the older ones. If the O-Ring is completely inside the unit it's definitely good to use. In your case give it another 1/2 turn.

If you have the double spring in the battery cap, you can remove one spring which makes the battery cap shorter.


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