Charging problems

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Charging problems

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I have the following problem trying to recharge the battery on my OSTC plus.

The battery was at 15% when I put it to recharge with the qi charging pad, but the screen stayed black and the qi charging pad kept a constant red light.

I have changed the battery for a rechargeable one. I have selected new battery in the menu and the option T2

When the ostc was reset the battery level was at 0%. I know this is normal and a full charge is required to calibrate the battery capacity.

I have placed the qi charger pad and the result is that it remains a solid green light and after a while the OSTC goes into dive mode, showing a depth of 2.9 m and the divetime marker working. The battery level stays at 0% the entire time.

In order to get out of this mode I have to remove the battery from the OSTC.

I need to solve the problem since tomorrow I start a 5-day technical diving trip.

Thanks in advance
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