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Delete dive in logbook

Posted: Thursday 23. June 2022, 08:53
by chrisju
As far as I know, this cannot currently be done, but it’d be really useful if it was possible to delete a single specific dive from the logbook (running HWOS sport). Maybe it’s OCD, but it’d be nice to be able to keep the logbook lined up by dive number with the “log book”, even when looking back. Realigning the current dive number with the offset doesn’t achieve the same.

I accept depending on how it works that it may have to be restricted eg only permitted if specific dive isn’t contributing to current saturation, or more simplistically only when desat countdown fully cleared.

It’d just be useful on those very rare occasions where you have to abort a dive, the computer has logged it, but you wouldn’t actually log it.

P.S. Any new computers imminent?