OSTC 2 sometimes show "USB Modus"

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OSTC 2 sometimes show "USB Modus"

Post by hannes »

In the "Konfiguration" menu, sometimes* the item "USB Modus" shows up, instead of "Bluetooth Modus" (German menu).
Firmware 3.20

* I have not yet figured out when this happens. However, navigation a few minutes through the menus usually turns this issue up
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Re: OSTC 2 sometimes show "USB Modus"

Post by dadefay »


I had a similar behaviour with my OSTC 2 and hwOS 3.19 (French version), easily reproducible :
- from the home page, enter the menu,
- exit it directly,
- enter the menu a second time,
then the computer enters the communication mode, showing the Bluetooth logo and "Mode USB".

I cannot reproduce that with hwOS 3.20...

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Re: OSTC 2 sometimes show "USB Modus"

Post by heinrichsweikamp »

We are aware of this bug.

You can select USB Mode or Bluetooth mode. They both work fine, it's just the menu name that sometimes is wrong. This has to do with detection of certain USB models of the OSTC (cR, old OSTC 3).

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