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Compass - bearing

Posted: Friday 19. April 2024, 19:12
by DidierF95
For my new OSTC +, firmware V10.77, I can set the Bearing (Cap for the French interface), with the right push button.
When Bearing/cap is marked, in yellow, not in green as mentioned in the latest instructions, there is no problem.

Under water, with the bearing previously marked, the information is not displayed anymore, and when I attempted to set a new bearing, impossible, an other information was displayed (dive time??).
Compass calibration had been done, and the compass works fine over and under water.

Any idea if a specific configuration must be down?

Thanks in advance if your ideas!

Re: Compass - bearing

Posted: Monday 22. April 2024, 13:22
by heinrichsweikamp

The bearing is shown with this green marker in the dive mode. Red is the counter course (+180°)

The small numbers you mention is the stopwatch which replaces the temperature when the compass is shown.
tm-bearing.png (8.45 KiB) Viewed 3576 times
The bearing is not shown as figures in the dive mode.


Re: Compass - bearing

Posted: Wednesday 24. April 2024, 19:45
by DidierF95
Many thanks for the answer, successfully tested in a dive pool near Paris.
Attached picture made.