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log corrput, no data

Posted: Saturday 11. May 2024, 21:59
by tdewilt2

the computer has worked for 200+ dives ok, now in 10 dives i have 2 dives that have "corrupt data" that i have problems downloading, i'm switching oc/cc now for a few times, thats the only change my side


Re: log corrput, no data

Posted: Tuesday 21. May 2024, 18:12
by Thorsten
Hi Teunn,

could you provide some more details regarding the corrupt data (peaks in log graph, not data at all etc.)? I assume the depth data is not visualized as graph (in OSTC log view) but the generic time / depth information are available?
The download of dives is still possible, meaning that the download process itself is not aborted? Just the interpretation of the downloaded for the coruppted dive files?

It should not matter if it is an OC or CC dive because the way data is written is the same way. I switch between the mode regulary and did not yet had a corrupted dive log.

A potential root cause for a failed write operation could be a very low battery voltage. Did you charge your OSTC during the last 10 dives? If not doing a full charging cycle could be a good first step to identify the root cause.

Kind regards,