OSTC sport battery level

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OSTC sport battery level

Post by Hans »

Since the update to firmware 10.74 the battery level indicator of my OSTC sport #13116 shows random values. After inserting a fresh 1.5V, everything still seems ok. When checking before the dive a few hours later, the OSTC shows seemingly random values and/or during the dive the battery level warning appears.

If the battery is removed briefly and the OSTC is restarted by inserting it, a usually different (usually also not realistic) value is displayed.

The FAQ is not helpful because the question "The battery charge status drops to 50% after a few hours of diving or directly after an update the battery is empty according to the display" does not refer to the OSTC sport.

In the forum there are some threads about the battery, but no solution for me. Or have I overlooked something?

So the OSTC is not usable for me.

Greeting, Hans
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Re: OSTC sport battery level

Post by Hans »

Hat sich erledigt. Ich verwende nun einen zweiten Shearwater als Reserve.
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Re: OSTC sport battery level

Post by Nowhereman »

I have had the same issue with a replacement rechargeable battery (bought after deep discharge on a supplied battery). I am not sure if the problem was with said replacement so bought another 14500 3.7v battery. This one seems to be slightly longer than supplied battery and the case will not close fully so I haven't tried using it but the battery % seems to register correctly.

Does HW have any recommended brand/manufacturers for batteries as these seem to be very inconsistent in production.
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Re: OSTC sport battery level

Post by ttsugar »

This is what I was told, everytime I replaced a freshly charged 3.7v 14500 battery, dc always shows 0% battery power and with the warning sign. Meaning I need to bring the charger on every dive. Quite a pain for me.
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Re: OSTC sport battery level

Post by heinrichsweikamp »


The OSTC plus (Not Sport) you have is intend to be used with the rechargeable 14500 AA Battery (3,6V LiIon-Battery). The battery will be recharged inside the unit using the wireless charger provided. 1,5V batteries can be used, but this more intent to be an alternative in the event that the battery e.g. on vacation gives up or no charger is available.

As written in den manual (P.44), the batteries are intentionally shown as 0% when inserted until a full-charge cycle happened. Only then, the firmware knows what capacity to expect from the battery and can provide a reasonable %-battery reading.

Hope this helps.

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Re: OSTC sport battery level

Post by FelixDerengowski »

Hallo liebes Team,

Ich hab ein Problem mit meinem OSTEC Plus.

Er zeigt mir immer Akku 0% an.

Hatte erst eine 950er Akku drin bei dem ich vermutete, dass er das zeitliche gesehen hat. Demnach ging der Computer nicht mehr an bzw. Nach kürzester Zeit wieder aus mit Meldung 0%.
Nun habe ich mir selbes Akku Modell als 1100er gekauft und eingesetzt. Weiterhin die Meldung 0%.

Ladegerät geht nach ca 10-15 sek auf rot blinkend.

Soll ich den Akku mal so komplett laden außerhalb des Tauchcomputers?
Muss ich den Computer irgendwie resetten?
Beim Einlegen des neuen Akkus hat er mich gefragt ob die gleiche Battery drin ist - dann habe ich auf Akku 3,7V geklickt. Was ja korrekt ist.

Bin etwas ratlos.
Foto von altem Akku und Screen mit 0% anbei.

PS: der Computer läuft jetzt schon 1,5h mit vermeintlichen 0%

----> Self solved : After a night i read this post from 17.10.22 by Matthias.
i tried again to load the battery and suddenly its working.

Kind regards Felix
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